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K-Drama Review: One Spring Night

Love can fade, feelings change but one must remain truthful to oneself, ‘One Spring Night’ is our feature this week for Korean Drama reviews, and it is so relatable that it will make you wonder how honest your feelings are for those around you.

Written by Kim Eun and directed by Ahn Pan-seok, ‘One Spring Night’ tells the story of Lee Jung-In (Han Ji-Min) a librarian whose honesty and rawness gets her into many issues and Yoo Ji-Ho (Jung Hae-in) a pharmacist who is a single father and has closed himself to the possibility of love.

‘One Spring Night’ was one of those dramas that took me a while to get into. There was a certain rawness about the plot that made it feel too real. It made me wonder if I would do the same in their situation. It made me feel so close to the characters, to the point of feeling what they felt in certain scenes. It was an emotional rollercoaster. 

Most of this is thanks to the great acting from the actors, Han Ji-Min did a great job portraying her character. Sometimes you would like her and other times you just couldn’t feel any empathy for her character and its poor judgement. Like most people in real life, she makes mistakes.

As for Jung Hae-in, ever since I watched ‘Pretty Noona that buys me food’ it has been quite hard for me not to see that character in his other roles. Though this time it felt different, it was a more mature character that showed a different side of him and I liked it, it made it feel more real.

This drama is not the typical love story, the characters go through life hardships that any of us can have. There were no villains like in other dramas, but there were characters with just terrible personalities that can be found in the real world.

There was some great writing behind this drama, Kim Eun did an amazing job developing the storyline of the characters in today’s society. What I found special and unique about this drama is the view they provide about love, timing in relationships and feelings, and how sometimes even as adults you can not control how things turn out.

Overall, ‘One Spring Night’ is a drama that shows the struggles that may come with adulthood and how we can fail at dealing with them or overcome them and become better humans. It is just the real story of many people out there. 

Kathleen Herrera
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