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KINGDOM: Legendary War – Episode 6 Recap

It’s a new week in ‘KINGDOM: Legendary War’, and for episode 6 the groups had a very cute bonding time in the ‘Kingdom Championship Day’.

Before the day started, the concept for the 3rd round was announced. This time the concept will be ‘No limit’, and we are expecting to see some amazing performances in this round.

The following round will be divided in two. The first one will consist of 2 collaboration stages with 3 groups in each team. These stages will have a vocal unit, a performance unit and a rap unit. The winners for this first round will receive a total of 5000 votes each. 

The first group will consist of ATEEZ, BTOB and Stray Kids. The second consists of SF9, iKON and The Boyz.

Photo Credits: Mnet/ Viki

Competition Day

For this episode the teams went on a sports trip. Changbin from Stray Kids, Eunkwang from BTOB and Wooyoung from ATEEZ, joined MAX as MCs for this event.

The groups were divided into the same teams as next week’s collab stage. The maknaes from The Boyz and Stray Kids lead the starting ceremony with a very cute oath. 

The first round was a vaulting event, where the members of each group had to jump. Each round increased the height of the jump. SF9 was the first group to go, followed by The Boyz, ATEEZ, Stray Kids, iKON, BTOB.

This round ended with BTOB’s Minhyuk and Stray Kids’ leader Bang Chan tied in first place. 

After the first round, the groups had a lunch break and then went onto taking selfies. Soon after they were asked to choose the ‘Visual King’ of the competition. 

Visual King

They created the ‘Kingdom Flower 4’ (KF4), where Eunkwang (BTOB) and Hyunjin (The Boyz) were tied in fourth place, Sunwoo (The Boyz) in third place, Felix (Stray Kids) ended second, and Minhyuk (BTOB) was crowned as the visual king in first place. 

After this little break the second round started, and this time iKON’s Yunhyeong, SF9’s Inseong and The Boyz’ Younghoon, joined the MC panel.

In this part of the competition the teams had to steal the balloons of the opposite team, and this left some hilarious content for fans. The footage from above was amazing to watch as at certain points the groups were parallel to each other. Some even lost their shoe. This round ended with the team consisting of ATEEZ, BTOB and Stray Kids as winners. 

The last part of the competition for the ‘Kingdom Championship’ was the relay race, and ATEEZ’ Wooyoung ended first, followed by Stray Kids Bang Chan. There were some very fierce and intense competition spirits in this last event and the groups gave their all. 

With this competition the ‘Kingdom Championship Day’ ended and the team with Stray Kids, BTOB and ATEEZ won. 

Final votes for the second round

At the end of the episode, Mnet released the final votes for the second round, including the global streaming and fan votes. 

The video streaming ended up with SF9 at sixth; BTOB, fifth; The Boyz, fourth; ATEEZ, third; iKON, second; and Stray Kids, first.

  1. Stray Kids
  2. iKON
  3. ATEEZ
  4. The Boyz
  5. BTOB
  6. SF9

The fans’ votes ended with ATEEZ, sixth; SF9, fifth; iKON, fourth; BTOB, third; The Boyz, second; and Stray Kids, first. 

  1. Stray Kids
  2. The Boyz
  3. BTOB
  4. iKON
  5. SF9
  6. ATEEZ

For the official final ranking of round 2 we’ll have to wait until next week’s episode. 

Photo credits: MNET/Viki

Episode 6 of ‘KINGDOM: Legendary War’ was a hilarious episode that reminded us of the beach episode in anime. We’re super excited to see the performances next week. The snippets in the teasers look absolutely incredible. We’re sure that every member is going to give it their all. If you want to check out our recap for the previous episode, you can click here.