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KINGDOM: Legendary War – Episode 4 Recap

It’s a brand new week in ‘KINGDOM: Legendary War’, we’re on episode 4. This time the concept is ‘REBORN’ and the group had to cover a song by the other groups in the show. 

The episode kicked off with the teams reading the feedback from the performances of the first round and sharing their thoughts on the round. Right after we go straight into the performances of the first three groups; SF9, The Boyz and iKON. 


To prepare for the story of the stage, SF9 took acting classes by none other than the well-known actor Jung Sung-hwa. The members of SF9 really worked hard to create a unique story for this stage. For this round they chose to perform ‘The Stealer (The Scene)’.

The performances kicked off with a mafia movie style, and continued on with some awesome sequences showing the members in very cool fight scenes. It was interesting to see how they trained for the fight scenes with the professionals. 

At one point Zuho was even in a knife fight with a first person camera like the film ‘Hardcore Henry’. That was super cool and reminded us of The Boyz’ previous performance. It makes sense considering they were covering a song by them. 

We were also hella invested in the flamethrowers and the stunt man who was on fire. The moment with the glitter rain was beautiful were it not for the member being ‘stabbed’. That is a very common thing in mafia movies though, so we loved the reference. 

Overall, their performance for ‘The Stealer’ was really well done. It had a good storyline and good moments that caught your attention. For us this was their best performance yet. 

The Boyz

The Boyz is next to perform, and ‘KINGDOM’ fans get wholesome interactions when members of ONEUS, VERIVERY and ONF visit for lunch and a chat. For this stage they chose the well-known song ‘O Sole Mio’ remixed into ’The Red Wedding’ version.

For this performance they went for a ‘Moulin Rouge’ X Tango theme, with a flawless stage and some incredible synchronization (as usual). The high note in the bridge was very impressive.

We liked how they used the stage in different segments. There was a huge cage that was part of the performance. One of the female dancers even got airlifted at one point. There was also a smaller room created that had a veritable LED show and displayed some really cool dancing. Sunwoo had an awesome rap section. 

The dance break was quite cool and brought the energy into a lovely performance. At the very end, the members shot an arrow of fire into the burning sun and turned it dark.


For their performance iKON chose to perform ‘INCEPTION’ originally by ATEEZ. From this episode we found out that Bobby is an ATEEZ fan, and we get to see these two groups interacting with a casual but very cute talk. 

The stage started with a VCR. The theme for this performance was the movie ‘Inception’, especially the scene where the character of Cobb shows Ariadne how to bend their dreamworld in all the shapes they can imagine. 

iKON’s performance took off with a very interesting use of their stage and sets. With some good camera work they managed to make it look as if the members were manipulating the stage that looked like doors and streets with telekinesis. 

Bobby’s rapping and psychedelic camera work was super interesting and cool. The dance break showed us some dope slow motion. The full thing really brought the energy that we know iKON for. It was funny to hear the ad-libs and just to see how they were having fun performing. 


After a long wait we finally got to see the ranking for the first round including the fan votes and the streaming votes. Last week we got the votes from the panel of professionals and the groups’ ranking, and today they released the votes from the streaming and fan votes. 

The video count ended up with SF9 in sixth place, The Boyz fifth place, BTOB fourth place, ATEEZ third, iKON second and finally Stray Kids in first place.

The domestic and global fan votes ended with The Boyz in sixth place, ATEEZ fifth, BTOB fourth, iKON third, SF9 second and just like the video count Stray Kids ended first place. 

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Next week’s episode

We got to see a little sneak peek of next week’s episode and BTOB will be performing ‘Back Door’ originally by Stray Kids. ATEEZ will be showing us their version of iKON’s ‘Rhythm Ta’ and Stray Kids will perform ‘I’ll Be Your Man’ originally by BTOB. Check it below.

That was it for our Episode 4 recap for ‘KINGDOM: Legendary War’. Tell us your favorite moment from the episode! You can read our recap for Episode 3 here.