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K-pop Releases This Week

What a week full of K-pop Releases to be released. We’re gonna be really busy listening to all of these wonderful comebacks. 


DPR IAN is releasing his debut single ‘So Beautiful’.

DKB is coming back with the EP ‘Growth’.

The girls from TWICE will be back with their new full length album.

TXT is dropping the new mini-album.


We get a brand new debut with the boy group T1419.

BIGONE is coming out with his new mini-album.

CIX is releasing their new mini-album.

Bizzy is coming out with a new single featuring Tiger JK and Jung In.


Drippin is dropping their first mini-album.

JBJ95 will be coming out with their new mini-album.

P1Harmony is coming out with their debut mini-album.


The queen CL is finally coming back!


MINO is releasing his new full album.

That’s it for the K-pop releases this week. We’re going to have a busy week, so I hope you all stay tuned for our reviews. Happy Listening!

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