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K-pop Releases This Week

We have a fresh new list with K-pop releases and comebacks that are dropping this week. 


EXO’s SUHO is releasing his first solo EP ‘Self-Portrait’.

Boramiyu is dropping her second EP ‘Dear My Color’.


HYNN will be releasing an EP. Please look at this teaser because hello VOCAL QUEEN.


Rookie group TOO will be dropping their debut EP ‘Reason For Being’.

AleXa is releasing her EP ‘Do or Die’ which will include the singles ‘A.I TROOPER’ and ‘Do Or Die’.

Hong Jin Young is dropping a new single.

Kwon Jin Ah is releasing her new single ‘Something’s Wrong’.


ONEWE is collabing with labelmate Hwasa from MAMAMOO.


New boy group BANDAGE will be debuting with the single ‘Square One’.

That’s it for this week’s K-pop releases and comebacks. Stay tuned for our reviews!

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