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We’re back with the latest K-Indie Chart and this time we’re sharing the top 10 of the month of December. Let’s take a closer look!

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We see a lot of familiar faces like Wave to Earth, Lee Jiyoung and Jeongmilla. The newcomers on the list are Lee Minhwi and The Black Underground with their latest release ‘Tremolo Honey Pop’.

Lee Minhwi – Hometown To Come

Minhwi released her second full-length solo album ‘Hometown To Come’ in November. The album was written little by little over seven years and the tracks are telling the story of people who lost their home can find their way back.

The track ‘Blue Flower’ is a soft instrumental single and really douses you under in melancholy. It’s a beautiful opener and sets the tone for the rest of the album.

The bass on track 2; ‘The Station’ creates such a lovely depth to this mystical number. Lee’s vocals are dancing over the instrumentals.

Mirror Therapy for Phantom Pains’ has fantastic instrumentals. I am in love with the flute and the string parts. Lee has really mastered creating whimsical tracks.

‘Lost Land’ has a bit more of a contemporary feel to it. The song meanders, very much like the lyrics. Lee is looking for a place to call home.

The track ‘Mother’s Mother’ feels like a spell. The flute is a snake charmer while Lee’s vocals make you reminisce about hearing Joni Mithcell for the first time.

The last track on the album is also the title track. ‘Hometown to Come’ is almost like a lament, where the repetition and poemlike lyrics will leave you feeling a bit hollow.

‘Hometown to Come’ is a marvellous album and this feel utterly enchanting and ageless. I absolutely adore this release.

Listen to the album here.

The Black Underground – Honey Tremolo Pop

We’re moving from folk to rock with this next newcomer on the chart The Black Underground. This rock band released their new full-length album ‘Tremolo Honey Pop’.

The opening track ‘I don’t want to live forever’ has a very cool build-up of over two minutes. The vocals come in quite late but it creates a very unique listening experience and really creates a cool vibe.

‘People Twist Again’ is a softer track. I really enjoyed the instrumentals here. There’re some strings added and the guitar sounds extra twangy.

Drunken More’ is a bit more shoegaze with the instrumentals. It’s a super cool vibe and really lets you fully immerse yourself in the track.

Into The Silence’ and the following track ‘European Suicide’ are the two title tracks of the album.

The following tracks gives us even more of that goodness. You can listen to the full album below. If you’re an avid listener of all things rock, I would definitely recommend this album.

That’s it for this K-Indie Chart of December. It was a fun throwback! See you next month!

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