Photo Credits: Neuron Music

Paul Kim comforts listeners with ‘After Summer’

Singer-songwriter Paul Kim is back with his single album ‘After Summer‘, including the tracks ‘Gloomy Sunday’, ‘After Summer’ and ‘Bruising’.

This release is all about bringing comfort to the listeners with stunning music and soulful singing. The first track ‘Gloomy Sunday‘ starts this release with soft music and instrumentation, and moves on to the heartfelt and emotional title track ‘After Summer‘.

This song is packed with Paul Kim’s impressive singing and a very minimalistic orchestration. The music video comes along following the vibe and feel of this track with a simple and yet stunning shots.

Last on this release is ‘Bruising‘, co-written by Peakboy, this single shows off some impressive vocal play and an acoustic guitar that made me fall in love with this track. Just beautiful.

You can listen to this release here.

Kathleen Herrera
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