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[Indie Pick] Shin Ji Hoon

We’re back with a new Indie Pick and this time we’re taking a closer look at the discography of Shin Ji Hoon. Let’s dive in!


Shin Ji Hoon made her debut after participating in ‘K-pop Star 2’ in 2013. She ended up in the top 6. At the time she was also a figure skater.

Her debut single was ‘Right there’.

That same year she also released ‘Hurtful’.

The year after she came out with the two singles ‘Happy Ending’ and ‘Crybaby’.

In 2016 Shin came out with the two singles ‘Jungle Gym’ and ‘You’re a star already’.

The following two years she released a handful of singles. Here are my favorites: ‘Egg Flowers’ and

During the years 20, 21, and 2022 Shin started releasing singles with the most stunning album covers. They culminated in the release of her full-length album ‘stars and memories and poetry’ which is such a beautiful listen.

Her most recent single is the release of ‘Falling in love is like the spring rain, parting is like the winter rain’.

Go check out her Instagram here.

You can find Shin Ji Hoon on Spotify here.

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