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[Indie Pick] Park Soo Jin

For this week’s Indie Pick I wanted to go for jazzy ballads with singer-songwriter Park Soo Jin.


Park had her first break-out with her participation in the show ‘SuperstarK7’. Check out this absolutely killer duet she performed.

In 2017 she released her first official single ‘Blue Wave’.

A couple of months later, in 2018 Park Soo Jin released her lovely single ‘Don’t fall asleep’.

Then she also teamed up with none other than Crucial Star for the single ‘Melody’.

That year she also dropped the single ‘Let’s stick together’.

‘Come away with me’ is her first full-length album and has the beautiful title track ‘바람이 불어와 내 맘에 닿으면’.

Last year she released three singles.

Her most recent comeback was this week’s release of ‘Moonlight’.

She also has a couple of stunning OST’s under her name.

Go listen to her full discography here.

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