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[Indie Pick] Gitim

We’re back with a new Indie Pick and this time I really wanted to dive a bit deeper into the discography of singer-songwriter Gitim. Let’s check it out!


Gitim debuted in 2019 with the single album ‘Garden Balsam‘ which unfortunately I couldn’t really find on Spotify.

The same year he also released the single ‘Brightly‘.

The single ‘A Loose Knot’ was released in 2020 and I really love the switch up from proper ballad to a more rock vibe.

The single ‘Rhombus’ from 2020 is the first single that appears on his Spotify profile.

Gitim released his first EP ‘Who why ya’ in 2021.

The same year he also released the single ‘Dead Leaves‘.

The year after he released the single ‘People’ and his first full-length album ‘Aster Spathulifolius Maxim’. I’ve been super obsessed by the latter and have been replaying it a lot. It’s just such a well created mood. The opening track ‘Surrender’ is such a fantastic start of the full album.

This year he has dropped the two singles ‘Stork’ and ‘Surpass’.

Go ahead and listen to his discography on Spotify here.

You can follow him on Instagram here.

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