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[Indie Pick] DRENCH

We’re back with a new Indie Pick, this time we’re taking a closer look at artist DRENCH. If you’re looking for a blend of blues, and smooth R&B, stick around.


DRENCH had his debut in 2021 with a single dedicated to his father with ‘Dad’. The bluesy piano in this track is amazing!

After that he came back with his first mini-album ‘ESCAPE’

His last single in 2021 was ‘Freedom’.

2022 started off great with the singles ‘6 in the morning’ and ‘Night Sky’.

In September DRENCH released his second mini-album ‘DAY 2 NIGHT’.

His latest release is ‘round and round’ which came out in November.

Go ahead and follow him on Instagram here and listen to his music on Spotify here.

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