Hot Singles this Week

Welcome back to our weekly roundup of the hottest single releases, featuring a dynamic mix of legends, rookies, and smooth tunes. This week’s selection promises to be a treat for your ears, so let’s dive right in.

Kicking off the week was the rookie group XODIAC with their single, ‘ONLY FUN.’ True to its name, this track is a delightful, up-beat pop sensation. It boasts boundless energy, lovely vocals, and a bright sound that’s sure to lift your spirits.

For a touch of smooth R&B, the talented Jiselle graced us with her latest single, ‘B Like U.’ As expected, she delivered breathtaking vocals accompanied by a slow and sultry tempo that perfectly suits the song’s vibe and flow.

The hip-hop legends Epik High made their return with an unexpected but impressive collaboration featuring SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi. Their single, ‘Screen Time,’ is an absolute masterpiece. The fusion of raw, powerful rapping from the hip-hop trio combined with Hoshi’s deep, emotional delivery created a work of art that is absolutely stunning to listen to.

The 2022 rookie group NINE.i showcased their dreamy side with the single ‘NEVERLAND.’ With this release, they ventured into a more ethereal concept, delivering pristine aesthetics and an EDM arrangement that’s both refreshing and delightful.

Last but certainly not least is the debut single by the rookie group Eite, under the agency EVA Entertainment. They released ‘INDEPENDENT WOMAN,’ featuring the songs ‘INDEPENDENT WOMAN’ and ‘DANCE OUT.’ Eite made a powerful entrance into the K-pop scene with these singles, showcasing their strong vocals and a cool concept that’s bound to make them a group worth keeping an eye on.

That’s a wrap for this week’s hot releases. We’d love to hear which one was your favorite, so don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments!

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