Photo Credits: STARSHIP ENT. / KLAP

Hot Singles of the week

Our hot singles of the week are back with an edition full of girl power. This week we had some iconic releases, get ready for bop after bop. Let’s start!

Kicking off the week, TripleS dropped the ethereal ‘Aria <Structure Of Sadness>’ – a dual single album that’s nothing short of musical bliss. Beautiful instrumentals meet angelic vocals, creating an enchanting experience.

Aespa, the queens of reinvention, paid homage to legends with their take on ‘Regret of the Times’ by SeoTaji And Boys. The power-packed remake is a seamless blend of iconic nostalgia and Aespa’s signature vibe. . 

The duo SISTAR19 came back with the dual single album ‘NO MORE (MA BOY)’.The two BOPS included in this release show nothing but incredible singing and super catchy beats, Hyolyn and Bo-ra totally delivered, the wait was worth it!

Lee Hi tugged at heartstrings with ‘My Beloved’, a soul-stirring single that takes you on an emotional rollercoaster. Watch the touching story unfold in the music video and don’t forget to turn on translations

H1-KEY poured their hearts into ‘Thinkin’ About You’, delivering beautiful vocals and harmonies that leave a lasting impression.

IVE shook things up with an unexpected collaboration, teaming up with the phenomenal rapper Saweetie for ‘All Night’. This club banger is a celebration of female power – hit play and let the party begin:

What a fantastic week in the music scene!  Now, it’s your turn – let us know in the comments which of these powerhouse releases stole your heart!