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Hot Singles of the Week

Welcome back to another exciting edition of the Hot Single of the Week! This week treated us to an array of fantastic pre-releases, a sprinkle of Christmas cheer, and highly anticipated debuts. Let’s dive right into the musical highlights!

Kicking off the week, Billlie celebrated their second anniversary with the release of the special single ‘the soul savior ~ I don’t need a superman.’ This track not only marks a milestone but also showcases Billlie’s musical evolution since their debut.

The delightful Xooos made a return with the single ‘Crush!’, offering a delightful mix of pop and R&B. The track is a testament to their musical versatility and is sure to be a delightful addition to your playlist.

YG’s latest girl group, BABYMONSTER, burst onto the scene with all the power and swag in their digital single ‘BATTER UP.’ The debut showcases the group’s dynamic energy and is a promising start to their musical journey.

Moon Sujin returned with the single album ‘Don’t Say,’ featuring two brand new songs, collaborations with Sik-K and Kid Milli, and a fantastic smooth sound that highlights her artistic prowess.

Embracing the festive season, TRI.BE delivered the single album ‘The Little Drummer Girls,’ featuring two upbeat tracks that invite listeners to hit the dance floor. The group’s unique take on the joyful season adds a refreshing touch to their music.

That wraps up this week’s releases! Share your favourite in the comments and let the musical journey continue!

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