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Hot Singles of the Week

This week in the world of K-pop brought plenty of exciting releases, ranging from anniversary celebrations to solo debuts and fresh debuts from rising talents. Let’s dive into the highlights:

TAN marked their second anniversary with the release of the single album “Seven Forever.” With a lineup of esteemed songwriters and their signature style, TAN continues to captivate listeners with their distinctive sound.

VAV’s Ayno made his solo debut with the single “Good Mistakes,” showcasing a captivating blend of R&B and pop that perfectly complements his aura and vocals.

EgoENT’s latest girl group, VVUP, made a strong debut with the single “Doo Doom Chit.” With a hip-hop-driven sound and a solid K-pop core, VVUP introduces themselves with intriguing beats and mixing.

OhMyGirl’s YooA returned with the single album “Borderline,” showcasing a remarkable evolution in her solo career. With a great sound, concept, and vibe, YooA impresses with her empowering and fierce sound.

JYP’s latest debut VCHA came back with the single ‘Only One’, this single is extremely catchy, we totally loved how much of an easy listen this song is. Just effortlessly good. 

Closing off the week is V with his new single “FRI(END)S.” From its poignant lyrics to stunning visuals, this song exudes pure perfection, offering different versions to cater to diverse tastes.

That wraps up this week’s musical journey. Let us know in the comments which release was your favourite!

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