Photo Credits: SM Entertainment

Hot Singles of the Week

Welcome back to another compilation of the week’s standout single releases. In this edition, we witnessed a surge of soft melodies and exciting comebacks, offering something for every musical palate.

Kicking off the week, SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan captivated listeners with his heartfelt single, “Dandelion.” Packed with emotive vocals, this track is an emotional journey for the soul.

Next up, NCT WISH, the latest addition to the NEO-CITY lineup, treated fans to their single album “WISH,” featuring two tracks in Korean and Japanese. With their distinct neo-style, the group delivered a trendy and cool sound that resonated with listeners. 

H1-KEY made their return with the single “Deeper,” showcasing their vocal prowess and unique musicality. As they continue to cultivate their fanbase, H1-KEY proves to be a group worth keeping a close eye on.

Wrapping up the week on a high note, ADORA and NATTY from KISS OF LIFE joined forces for the powerhouse collaboration “Dusk Twilight.” Overflowing with raw emotion and impeccable vocal delivery, this single exceeded expectations and left a lasting impression.

That concludes our roundup for this week’s top singles. Share your favorite release in the comments below!

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