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Hot Singles of the Week

It’s been a bustling week in the music scene, marked by the debut of new units, soulful tunes, and a wave of girl power. Let’s jump right into the highlights!

Super Junior unveiled their latest sub-unit ‘L.S.S.’ featuring Leeteuk, Siwon, and Shindong. Their debut single, ‘Suit Up,’ seamlessly blends old-school vibes with trendy beats, showcasing an abundance of charisma.

Monsta X’s I.M graced us with his first digital single, ‘Slowly,’ featuring Heize. Prepare for soft vibes, heavenly vocals, and a new side of I.M that we haven’t seen before.

(G)I-DLE surprised fans with the unexpected drop of their pre-release single, ‘Wife.’ A total bop, leaving us eagerly anticipating their upcoming album.

CIX came back with their very first single album ‘0 or 1’, including 2 new singles. This release is a lot more vocally driven, and they definitely show a brand new side of their music.

IU took the spotlight with her single, ‘Love Wins All.’ The artistic brilliance of the film accompanying the song left us breathless, showcasing IU’s undeniable talent.

Weekly wowed us with their latest single, ‘Stranger,’ embracing a soft-pop concept and delivering lovely vocals that truly rocked this release. 

Rookie group POW lit up the week with their single, ‘Valentine,’ featuring delightful melodies and catchy tunes that made it an absolute bop.

SEVENTEEN’s WOOZI tugged at our heartstrings with the heartfelt single, ‘What Kind of Future,’ a beautiful composition that resonates deeply.

Closing the week on a high note, JYP’s latest girl group VCHA dropped the single album ‘Girls of the Year,’ leaving us eager for more.

Share your favourite release in the comments, and stay tuned for more music recommendations!

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