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EP Review: Vincent Blue – Graffiti

Indie sweetheart, Vincent Blue is back with a new EP ‘Graffiti’. Technically he dropped it yesterday, but I couldn’t write about it because I had no idea he was releasing something new. So basically, this review is a day late, but I still wrote it because I love his music.


We start the EP off with the song ‘Dream’. It’s a beautifully layered dreamlike song. I love the old school effects and the little shakers that help drive the rhythm. His voice however is the highlight of this track. There’s a very unresolved ending, as if you literally just woke up from the middle of a dream. It’s super nice. 

The next track is ‘J’. This version is completely in English. It has a little bit of a country feel to it, with the twangy guitars. There’s even a guitar solo, that effortlessly slides into a piano solo that makes me feel like I’m sitting in some saloon in Texas. 

LTNS’ is up next. This is the title track featuring Verbal Jint. 

It sounds like a very interesting blend of jazz and Latin American influences. Honestly this song is incredible!! There are so many things happening at once, but it flows so well. I also really enjoyed the deep voice of Verbal Jint during his feature. In the song we crescendo towards a feeling of completely losing control. 

‘Came from you’ slows us back down again. It’s a beautiful, love song that’s completely in English. I feel like it brings us back to Vincent Blue’s roots, of just him, his vocals, the guitar and a little bit of piano. If anyone wants to woo someone by playing guitar, learn the chords of this song. This could be your wedding song even. 

The last song on the EP ‘Graffiti’ is the Korean version of ‘J’. 

Overall, I’m incredibly glad I know the music of Vincent Blue because his EP ‘Graffiti’ just shows us again what a beautiful singer, lyricist, and composer he is. 

The EP isn’t on Spotify yet, but I found it on YouTube Music

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