[Brand Deep Dive] Pyunkang Yul

We are back with another instalment of our series Brand Deep Dive, and this time we want to give the spotlight to a brand with an impressive product line with ‘minimal ingredients for delivering skin relaxation’. Minimalistic skin care has without a doubt taken over, and we are loving to see where it is heading to.

Pyunkang Yul has over forty years of experience in the research field under its belt, its products do not contain ‘unnecessary chemical ingredients for colour or fragrance, they keep it simple to deliver the best result. 

This brand currently has four main lines of products including the Calming Line, the Black Tea Line, the ATO Line, the ACNE Line and the Basic Line; along with these ones they also have hair and body care. Today we are focusing on the main four. 

Calming Line

Suitable for skin types with redness, irritation and breakouts issues, the Calming Line includes a complete set of products for each step in your beauty routine. Most of the products in this line include centella Asiatica extract, Tea Tree and Lonicera Japonica Flower Extract and honeysuckle flower, making it perfect for acne prone skin. 

This line includes the full range for a skin care routine, with cleanser, toners, balms, moisturiser, sheet masks, and even pimple patches and body wash. 

Black Tea Line

With fermented black tea as its core ingredient, the Black Tea line brings a mix of ingredients with anti-ageing and firming properties. The product range for this line includes a serum, eye cream, toner, moisturiser and even eye patches. The full combo.

ATO Line

Created for hydration and soothing purposes the ATO Line has a diverse range of products that targets all skin types, most of the products include a mix of different type of hyaluronic acid and have a low pH level, making it perfect for everyday use. 


As the name suggests the ACNE Line is all about targeting acne prone skin types. With an ingredients list including green tea, licorice, asiatic pennywort and matricaria flower, this line is perfect for sebum production control and balancing out the skin to prevent irritation.

Basic Line

With basic ingredients thought to protect, moisturise, and provide the skin with the necessary nutrients, the Basic Line includes an impressive range of products that include a few of our favourite types of formulas. 

This line is suitable for all skin types, and each product includes core ingredients that tackle specific skin concerns, to find out the right one for you click here.

If you want to check out their entire product range, make sure to visit their site

If you have tried products by this brand let us know your experience in the comments. 

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