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Bon Appetit! Delicious BL Romcom with a Sweet OST

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– Bon Appetit! Here’s the sweetest BL romcom and OST you’ve ordered

A new BL romcom drama <BonAppetit> has opened all episodes on Naver SERIES ON and Heavenly on September 27. 

‘Do Hoon’ is an office worker who lives a monotonous life, and always eats junk food. His life completely changes after ‘Yoon Soo’ moving next door. Check how these two men get closer to share meals everyday!

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Actor ‘YOO JEONGHOON’, who took the main role ‘Do Hoon’, has participated in the OST. The song’s for the one who supports with unconditional love.

Maybe it’s a message from Do Hoon to Yoon Soo, thanking for taking care of him and sharing meal, coloring his monotonous life. The OST ‘Why did I miss it’ will definitely add a spoon of sweetness to the delicious romance.?

Click here to listen!


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?Franze – Gaze (Feat. Kjun)

– Ready to LITERALLY get butterflies?!

?citygodok – Government Ban All The Drugs

– The govenrment banned all the drugs, but I’ve still got a drug called ‘music’!

?wtfpiano – Be yourself (feat. Vincent Blue)

– Close your eyes and relax, be yourself

?Shin Yujin – Silk

– Korean traditional music meets the cutting edge electronic sound

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Rock band Rolling Quartz has released their new single ‘Fearless’! You can find their powerful sound that reminds punk and metal style. They also celebrate 1,000th day since their debut on 25 Sep 2023.

Rolling Quartz has successfully completed their first U.S. tour, selling all the tickets, last March. The EU tour(Paris, London, Amsterdam, Cologne, Berlin and Warsaw) is scheduled in 2024, check the tour schedule here!

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