B-)AND | #2 ‘Yojung’, the band that gives power and encourages those who are suffering

‘B-)AND’, Mirrorball Music’s new series that introduces Korean indie bands.

B-)AND #2 Band ‘Yojung’

Band ‘Yojung’, the second team ‘B-)AND’ introduces, debuted in January 2023, releasing [Fairy Time].

‘Yojung’ consists of Chang Junho(guitarist/vocalist), Lee Hoomin(guitarist/vocalist), Han Jeongkuk(bassist/vocalist), Park Youngmok(drummer/vocalist). The 4-piece band plays punk rock based music with extreme and rough sound, which make contrast with joyful, positive lyrics.

For the members, ‘Yojung’ was a new start since all members were in other bands, ‘M O S E S’, ‘Sudal Not Otter’, ‘National Pigeon Unity’ and ‘Desert Flower’. After teaming up as ‘Yojung’, they released a studio album [We are] and is actively performing with the iconic band sound. Here’s the quirky band building their own punk rock style.

– Sudal Not Otter https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IFbcA8_ulpM
– National Pigeon Unity https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cfv1N84X2QM
– Desert Flower https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RxrOiEOeDM4

‘It’s Fairy Time!’, indie band Yojung’s first single [Fairy Time]

Release Date | 2023.01.05

The supernatural creatures that appear on myths or folktales,
Yukiko Okada’s album title,
UK’s famous detergent brand,
a restaurant that sells alcohol and food, and offers music and dance,
a person who stands out in a specific field,
the 1st generation K-pop girl groups,
and ‘Chang Junho, Lee Hoomin, Han Jeongkuk and Park Youngmok’

We call all these things ‘fairy’.

Band ‘Yojung’ started with the idea of the mythical creature and released ‘Fairy Time’ with cool lyrics and garage rock sound.

Yojung – Fairy Time

‘This is who we are, what we feel, how we express’ The first studio album [We are]

Release Date | 2023.05.28

After releasing ‘Fairy Time’, Yojung pre-released singles ‘Get Away’, ‘Anger issue’ and ‘Fairy in bed’, and finally released the full album with 15 tracks filled with the member’s own story.

Yojung – Is that it?

“The band I imagined while listening to this album was like a humorous, chatty, shallow and playful but reliable friend who is fun to hang out with and sometimes cheer me on with random words. If you listen close to their frank, joyful songs, everything in the world will look easy. Even though life is like fighting against the world, I hope everyday becomes a party while Yojung’s music’s on”

– from GongSangOnDo ‘GongOn_PICK!’

Sometimes fiercely but sometimes softly, [We are] whispers to you.
It reminds you that we are all precious and at the same time gives comfort, patience, courage and positive thoughts.

What Yojung’s past, present and future tell us today, [Do You Know?]

Release Date | 2024.02.13

Beautiful sound, comforting lyrics,
Yojung’s 6th single is quite earnest, different from the previous releases.

Yojung – Do You Know?

Band ‘Yojung’ asks us, what will change and what will stay after today.

And the newly released 7th single [Dazed]

Release Date | 2024.03.06

“Every challenges need courage and even when I have to let go of myself. I wish if you could feel the haze with me while listening” – Yojung

Yojung – Dazed

With exciting music, band ‘Yojung’ encourages those who are enduring the day. How about getting through the day together with their music?

ABOUT Yojung

Buy CDs Online : 1st Album [We are]
Synnara Records

Instagram : @yojungofficial
YouTube : @yojungofficial

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