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B-)AND | #1 ‘NANPARAN’, the band that embraces love as a wave does, sings while wandering by the ocean

‘B-)AND’, Mirrorball Music’s new series that introduces Korean indie bands.

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Band ‘NANPARAN’, the first team ‘B-)AND’ presents, made a debut by releasing [Summer Wave] last August.

NANPARAN is a band comprised of Lee Seongho(vocalist/guitarist), Cho Seunghyeon(guitarist), Park Jinseo(bassist), Cha Yejong(drummer). They captivate various moments that waves or snow make, to express love in the purest way with alternative sound.

The start of the journey, EP [Summer Wave]

Release Date | 2023.08.04

The album that shows the band’s musical direction.

NANPARAN gently shows what they’ve prepared, by expressing the things they have imagined.

NANPARAN – The end of wave

The five wave-like stories, the fluttering arrangements and the deep texture that reminds you of a night sea just like the album cover. Their wave is closely related to the ocean.

Winter waves captured by NANPARAN, Single [Winter Wave]

Release Date | 2024.01.03

NANPARAN’s 2nd release [Winter Wave]. Here’s how NANPARAN sees the winter’s wave.

While keeping the original stories and instruments that the artist aimed to tell and perform, [Winter Wave] starts with retro sound and develop with a rushing guitar play, making it sound like a blizzard.

NANPARAN – Winter Wave

‘Winter Wave’ gives you the warm comfort that winter can give. Looking forward to the next wave they’ll surf with.

‘NAN’, which means ‘dizzy’ or ‘warm’, and ‘PARAN’, which means small ripples.

NANPARAN consists of talented members and a unique story, which is enough to be recognized.

We support this band that embraces love as a wave does, sings while wandering by the ocean.


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