Winter 2021: Trends you need to know

‘Tis the season of hot cocoa, freezing weather, fairy lights and wrapping up. Winter is once again upon us and we have listed the latest K-Beauty and K-Fashion trends you can keep an eye on.

Let’s start!


With the cold weather hitting most countries and the change of temperatures, our daily skincare will also need a little bit of adjusting to keep it healthy. 

Water loss is one of the most common effects of the cold weather, many people might face skin dehydration, dryness and even flakiness. 

First thing to keep in mind is that with the change of weather our skin needs calming ingredients that will remove impurities without compromising the skin barrier.  Next priority is to keep your skin moisturised and replenished with serums that will boost our skin barrier and keep it looking plump and healthy.

For those who tend to have dry skin type, using deep moisturising lotions and creams is a must. For other skin types double moisturising is a good idea to keep our skin looking healthy, hydrated and trapping all the serums and essential nutrients on our skin. 

A key ingredient to look for this season is hyaluronic acid, and remember to keep using your SPF at all times. 

For recommendations make sure to head over to our latest 10-steps routine feature.


In our fall trends article we mention the forever good looking and warm layering. Now, right into the winter season, we can take this to the next level by using thick scarfs, beanies, cardigans, turtlenecks and the must-have long coat. 

Our favourite idols and celebrities have been rocking the winter style, and here are a few our favourite looks:

Puffer jacket

A seasonal favourite that has been coming back the last two years in the puffer jacket on its short and long version. Needles to say, when it comes to comfort and keeping warm, this jacket does it all. 

Oversized coats 

Oversized coats are a cold-weather trend that we see, not just in Korean fashion but all over the world. Oversized coats are perfect for any occasion and can give an informal look a bit of a casual touch. Here are our favourite celebs rocking this look. 

Keep warm during this remember, go crazy with scarfs, beanies and hand warmers. It is the season to keep warm, stay healthy and enjoy good food. See you next time with more trends and product recommendations. 

Kathleen Herrera
K-Beauty enthusiast, Drama Lover, Melophile and Foodie, writing about her faves on a daily basis.