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Album Review: SIK-K – HEADLINER

H1ghr Music rapper Sik-K is back with a brand new album just a couple of months after he released ‘Officially OG’. Last month he dropped the pre-released the single ‘TELL YA!’ and we were already hyping up with this track.

Let’s wait no more and dive right into this release.


This album starts off with the title track ‘DARLING’ featuring none other than R&B singer Crush. In one single track we get some killer rapping and also outstanding vocals, can we ask for anything else? 

The music video which rolls for over 8 min is a mix between this song and the pre-released track ‘TELL YA!’, and let me tell you, this mv is a cinematic experience with stunning aesthetics, great acting by Sik-K, and CRUSH looking incredible. Check it below. 

Starting off with some trippy beats is ‘NEW LOVE’, Sik-K rolls his r’s like a king in this track and makes this song an interesting mix of beats, that reminds me a lot of heavy house music but with a touch of hip-hop that I totally dig.

Piano chords and bass introduces ‘SHE’S GONE’, this track’s mixing is very cool and the flow and rhythm in it had me bopping while listening to it. 

R&B singer MOON starts off ‘ADDY’, this track feels like a very organic mix between lo-fi hip-hop and a bit of electro-pop beats. It is an interesting mix that gets even better when you listen to Sik-K rapping and MOON’s vocals.

TOO PICKY’ is next with a playful track, flow and rhythm that feels more like a summer release. ‘12:45’ follows it with a way more chill flow. Sik-K’s rapping in this track is fire, he mixes a bit of lazy rapping with his signature sound, and it is a interesting mix of styles that I did not expect but really liked. 

Airy vocals open ‘NIRVANA’ and this song is one of my favourites of this release. Sik-K normally adds a bit of auto-tune to his vocals but in this track we get a mix of this with his raw delivery, and I absolutely loved it.

Lo-fi beats with an R&B feel start ‘BAE’, the overall flow of this song is quite sensual, especially with the addition of the deep low-pitched vocals by Sik-K. The piano and bass mix at the end was incredible and gave this song its own soul. A Masterpiece. 

Featuring pH-1 ‘IBTFY’ begins and from the very beginning this song had me. The flow, rhythm and delivery in this track is amazing. The addition of the electronic vocals on the track was superb and complemented the EDM feel in it extremely well.

Closing this release, we have the pre-released track ‘TELL YA!’, you can check out the article here.

Listen to this full release below, and let us know which one was you favourite track. 

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