Photo Credits: Illionare Records

The Quiett releases single album ‘BENTLEY 2’

Korean hip-hop rapper and producer The Quiett just dropped a single album with the two tracks ‘BENTLEY 2‘ and ‘Abu Dhabi‘.

Starting off with a small skit ‘BENTLEY 2‘ featuring YUMDDA kicks off this release with a flow and delivery that reminded me a lot of old school hip-hop. The backing track is a total killer, the inclusion of the saxophone was fantastic and it felt perfect with the change of tempo towards the bridge.

Changing the mood completely ‘Abu Dhabi‘ plays. Acoustic guitar drives the flow of the track in a quite unexpected but totally interesting way, the features of this track include Skinny Brown, Leellamarz and Sik-K. It’s an interesting mix of lyrical delivery, however, it works with the tempo and vibe of this track.

Overall, the release felt quite short and it left me eager for more music. The features were fantastic and the two songs were absolutely well planned.

You can listen to this release here.

Kathleen Herrera
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