Photo Credits: JYP / H1GHR Music

New week, new music picks. This time we are back with a mix of genres including indie, hip-hop and a fantastic k-pop b-side that deserves more love. Let’s start.

Number 1: Yewon – Wallflower

We are starting this week’s top 3 with the indie singer Yewon and her adorable funky single ‘Wallflower’. Her voice is fantastic and the music video for this track is super cute. Check it below. You can check out her other releases here.

Number 2: Sik-K – IBTFY feat pH-1

AOMG artists have worked hard this year, fans have been getting music continuously and we are just in July. Sik-K’s latest album was fantastic, one of my favourite tracks is ‘IBTFY’. This collab with labelmate pH-1 has an R&B vibe mixed with a house music feel, making this song an absolute bop. Check it below. 

Number 3: GOT7 – CRAZY

GOT7’s latest comeback was full of surprises, new styles and a refreshing concept. ‘CRAZY’ became one of my favourite b-sides from this group. The vocals are on point and the flow is super groovy. 

That’s it for this week, stay tuned to discover some new great music next time, and make sure to check out our previous music picks on our Spotify playlist. See ya!

Kathleen Herrera
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