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[Actor Spotlight] Park Jin-Joo

We’re back with a new actor spotlight and this time we wanted to write about Korea’s best friend, Park Jin-Joo. Let’s dive in!

Park Jin-Joo is finally taking off and being appreciated for her work. She’s been in countless dramas and has worked hard for variety shows as well. From episode 150 she’s also been appointed as a permanent cast member for the series ‘Hangout with Yoo’.

One of her most viral clips is her participation in the show ‘Immortal Songs’ where she showed her vocal chops.

Park has been acting since 2011. Let’s take a look at some of the dramas she’s been in.

Park Jin-Joo has played the best friend of the main role a lot of times, so I’m waiting for the moment that she gets a leading role. She’s a great actress both for comedic scenes and dramatic ones and I just hope she gets to shine as the leading lady soon.

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