The Witch and The Bull, a webton by Moonsia

[WebToon] The Witch and The Bull

Today we’re featuring a relatively new Webtoon series titled ‘The Witch and The Bull‘, by Moonsia. This magical series launched in January, and I couldn’t help but get drawn into it.

You see, I tend to avoid ongoing dramas or new Webtoons like the plague (boy, did this expression get a whole new meaning this year…). It’s simple really; I hate falling in love with a story that has no end in sight and I can’t just binge the whole thing all at once. Call it PTSD from one of my favourite manga being on hiatus for the last ELEVEN years. Getting into Webtoons, most of which are in progress, was a leap of faith as you might imagine.

My deciding to follow a story that only had 3 episodes out should serve as proof of how good this was from the get-go.

The plot

The story takes place in a fictional world, where humans and witches used to be at war. Tan, the young king’s royal advisor, has his own reasons for hating witches. But, for peace to be achieved, witches are now allowed to live in the capital. He’s smart, he’s cocky, and he’s kind of entitled.

One day he tries to cut the line to get coffee at a famously good place, but Aro shuts him down for not respecting the other customers. Being, as we mentioned, a tad entitled, he doesn’t take to that too kindly, and orders the shop to be searched. Turns out, Aro was an undocumented witch, so he shuts down her café. Yeah, we don’t like him much yet.

Unfortunately, being the king’s advisor and all makes you a prime target for curses. When he suddenly turns into a bull, guess who is the only one who can help Tan get back to normal? Aro, formerly known as the Constellation Witch, promises to help the enchanted bull. Maybe she can teach him a valuable lesson or two as well in the process.

The verdict

How could I not fall in love with ‘The Witch and The Bull‘? The art for the constellations alone is so stunning and mesmerizing, I’d recommend reading it just for that.

All the characters are beautifully drawn and well-written. While they may seem like simple archetypes at first, they grow and develop. As the story progresses, we get to see more depth to each of them. I also love how we slowly unravel events from the past that connect them. The potential grounds for romance in the future are also a plus in my opinion, cause #I_ship_this.

The episodes are long and the pace is deeply satisfying. It keeps you wanting to read on, but doesn’t completely troll you with a random episode after a major cliffhanger either. That’s part of why reading this while in progress is not stressing me out.

Overall, The Witch and The Bull is a series I’d gladly recommend to anyone, especially if you have a soft spot for fantasy.

Avid manga fan, language nerd, RPG-gamer and coffee addict, I accidentally wandered into K-pop fandom in 2009 and stuck around to share the love ^_^