Webtoon Special Edition - Pets!

Webtoon Special Edition – Pets!

Animals! What kind of monster doesn’t love them? As friends of people with pets will tell you, pet parents *loooove* to gush about their pet babies. Whether they are big, small, furry, scaly or feathered, we sure love to share their latest adorable endeavours with other people.  

Webtoon creating pet parents are no exception; In fact, they’re taking it a step further, creating webtoons featuring their pets’ antics for all the world to see. Feeling a little basic for just spamming cat pics on Insta now, honestly. 

Here are some of the cutest and funniest Webtoons about pets I’ve come across that I want to share with y’all. These are all series with short episodes, mainly from Webtoon Canvas.

A budgie's life-  a webtoon by Muffin Girl
‘A budgie’s life’ by Muffin Girl

A budgie’s life

Whoever said birds make boring pets? Well they were dead wrong. Bird owners know the truth! Meet Tony the parakeet – he’s got a big personality. Follow his adventures as he bonds with his human, makes other animal friends, and gets more and more comfortable. This comic is so sweet and funny, and! completed! So binge away!

It's a birb thing, a webtoon by LavenderBird
‘It’s a birb thing’by LavenderBird

It’s a birb thing

Another bird one! This Webtoon by Canvas creator LavenderBird is about Cheeks the cockatiel, his human, and his friends. Each episode is only a few panels long, and the art is simple and cute. Guaranteed to bring a smile to your face, Cheek’s antics are a dose of pure happiness and joy.

Pixie and Brutus
‘Pixie and Brutus’ by Pet Foolery

Pixie and Brutus

This is the story of two unlikely friends – Pixie and Brutus. Brutus is a retired military dog, with a scar across his left eye. He’s been through a lot, and he’s very tough. Pixie is a tiny, innocent kitten that’s full of energy and joy. Their friendship will have you smiling and tearing up at the same time. Then you realise they’re based on a real-life pair and *my heart* just T_T.

'Saphie the one-eyed cat'- by joho
‘Saphie the one-eyed cat’- by joho

Saphie the one-eyed cat

Meet Saphie… She has one eye, a soft spot for her food, and a whooole lot of cattitude. This Webtoon follows her adventures with her cat brothers. Anyone who’s ever had a cat will have a fit laughing with Saphie’s antics. As I’m writing this, my cat has tried to sit on my laptop twice to get my attention (and food). Be it one eye or two, #relatable content is relatable. This webtoon is absolutely hilarious.

'My Kitty and Old Dog' - by cho
‘My Kitty and Old Dog’by cho

My kitty and old dog

Okay, I know I said these would be funny, but this is an exception. Fluffy and adorable yes. On one hand we have an elderly dog whose vision is going. On the other, we have a tiny and energetic kitten. They love their respective humans and we see and share their thoughts. But from the first episode this hits straight in the damn feels. It makes you wanna cuddle your pets so tightly! Also, yeah I am never leaving my cat alone, I said it. *my emotions*

That’s it, five excellent webtoon series about pets handpicked just for you. I hope you’ll give these a read and tell us which was your favourite in the comments.

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