Let's Play - Sam on the right playing video games and Marshall on the left leaning against her back. Bowser is sitting proudly in the middle.
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[WebToon] Let’s Play

We’re back with another WebToon feature! This time we’re reading ‘Let’s Play‘, an incredible series by Mongie. It launched in 2017, and season 3 will soon be upon us! So you have plenty of time to get caught up till then.

Let’s Play!

Sam Young has always loved video games – her dream is to develop her own. She’s shy, she’s socially awkward, and she’s spent every last waking moment for the past few years working on her first indie game. “Ruminate” seemed to be gaining some positive traction, but a bad review from a celebrity streamer threw a bit of a wrench in her plans. Hordes of his fans downvoted her game to the point where the platform that was hosting it blocked her account. She’s not having the best day.

Things only seem to get more annoying for her when aforementioned streamer moves into the apartment next door. Marshall doesn’t seem to be as much of a d-bag in person though, so let’s give him a chance ok? Can’t say the same for her boss who comes off as a sexist prick as soon as he shows up.

On the bright side, it looks like our girl’s got a solid squad to support her; and we’re super here for healthy, supportive friendships. Plus, with her adorable but mighty corgi Bowser around, we know we got nothing to worry about.

The verdict

‘Let’s Play’ is categorized under romance, but don’t think for a second that it’s just a bland dredge through Sam’s love life. It’s not only very funny, but it properly takes the time to develop all its main and supporting characters. The further we go into the story, the more the author dives into her characters’ backstories and personalities. For me, the main thing that usually puts me off romance stories, is when either the protagonist or the love interests are simply a sum of their looks with a stereotype thrown in for good measure. How often is a heroine a boring blah that seems to be attracting hotties left and right for no reason? Or those hotties are literally *just* that, packaged under different “types”? Well, not here.

A point I definitely want to highlight is how incredibly Sam’s social anxiety is handled and depicted. It’s not just used as a setup for clumsiness and meet-cutes, it’s an actual thing she is struggling with and this is acknowledged and not casually put aside when it doesn’t suit the narrative. She, like many of the cast, is struggling in her own way but is also trying to work through it, and the author does a great job of communicating these emotional states to the readers.

I’d recommend this series in a heart-beat. The story is developing in a great way, the shipping wars are only getting started, and I’m a sucker for those cliff-hangers. If you also happen to be into gaming this series is a must. ‘Let’s play’ is well-written, beautifully and cleanly drawn, and I can’t wait for season 3.

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