Holiday special Webtoons

[WebToon] Holiday Special Edition πŸŽ„

This week we’re featuring Webtoons series filled with holiday joy and warmth. Alas, if years of media conditioning have taught me anything, is that the true essence of the holiday spirit is an intangible, heartwarming sense of love, family, and hope. And yes, maybe in reality holidays with your folks are more of a slapstick comedy, or a test of patience as your older relatives inevitably start sharing their opinions on politics, religion, and oh, them darn millennials; But let’s face it, nobody’s watching that Christmas movie. It’s all about that hygge.

So, today, we bring you a few hand-picked Webtoons that embody these qualities that we seek out in our holiday favourites; A dash of love, a sprinkle of hope, a spoonful of sadness, imagination on the side and a whole plate-full of heartwarming. And since this is the holidays, and I’m nice like that, my gift to you is that all these series are already complete πŸ’–.

Crumbs by Witherling

Crumbs, a Webtoon series by Witherling.
Ray and Laurie from Crumbs

In this strange town, there is a rather unique cafΓ©… The owner doesn’t bake simple cakes; She bakes confidence, and inspiration, melancholy and support and even romance. Whatever you may need, there is a magic treat for you. Ray is a quiet young woman with hopes, dreams and an amazing power of her own, and a regular at the cafΓ©; she always orders tea with a side of romance. Laurie is the owner’s nephew, who occasionally works at the cafΓ©, and can’t help but be intrigued by Ray.

This magical little world is enchanting and I loved how all the characters developed, maturing and growing together. It is a lovely story of going after your dreams, figuring out what they are and making choices as you go forward. At points it feels all too real for a story about witches, but it hits all the right spots.

Gourmet Hound by Leehama

Happy Holidays from Gourmet Hound!
Happy Holidays from Gourmet Hound

The story follows Lucy, a tiny yet freakishly strong young woman with an uncanny sense of smell and taste. After her favourite restaurant, Dimanche, undergoes a complete change in staff, she feels as if she lost something precious. When her nose accidentally leads her to Graham, one of the former chefs at Dimanche, she decides to embark on a mission to track down all the other chefs from that team.

The premise might appear silly, but don’t be fooled; This is a story about dealing with loss, about love, in all forms and colours, how precious family is, and of course the joy of sharing good food. All the characters’ names’ are food references, which is an additional adorable detail. A list of heartwarming Webtoons without ‘Gourmet Hound‘ would be incomplete and, indeed, irrelevant.

Do make sure to have snacks around, or be full when reading this. I will not take responsibility for the inevitable munchies this series is bound to bring on. It’s the Webtoon equivalent of a cooking show.

Your Letter by Hyeon A Cho

Sori and Eugene from 'Your Letter', a webtoon series by Hyeon A Cho
Sori and Eugene from ‘Your Letter’

Sori is kind, caring, and more mature than your average middle-schooler. Standing up for her classmates who were getting bullied, in the end she becomes a target herself. Even though she transfers to a new school, the same story starts unfolding once again; that is, until she finds a mysterious letter sending her on a magical scavenger hunt around her new school. Who is sending these letters? Why is Sori the one finding them? Whatever the case may be, it seems this adventure is set to help her adjust to this new environment.

This is a lovely short story, only 10 episodes all together, that I wholeheartedly recommend you give a read. It’s deep and it’s warm, and it’s healing and truly, truly excellent.

Hooky by Miriam Bonastre Tur

Dani, Dorian, and the cast of ‘Hooky’

Dani and Dorian are two magical siblings who just missed the bus to wizard school. The catch? It doesn’t come again until the next school year! They certainly cannot go back to their parents, so they decide to find a mentor instead. They first visit their aunt, who seems rather… evil, and after a certain turn of events, they end up living with Master Pendragon.

I was hooked on this immediately; Pun very much intended. The artwork is old-style comic book meets manga, and it really stands out. The adventures of the siblings slowly unveil stakes much bigger than they originally imagined. The lighthearted, human, and straightforward manner this story is told in is what qualified this one for this list. It’s adorable and funny, and a delicious 222 episodes long.

That’s it for today! Four brilliant series to light up your heart this holiday season. Enjoy with a cup of spiced warm tea πŸ™‚

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