Ghost theater by LICO

[WebToon] Halloween Special Edition🎃

Yes, yes, Halloween might be essentially cancelled this year, but fret not! We’re here with seven brilliant Webtoon series to keep you in a proper spooky mood. We’ve got witches, we’ve got dead and not-quite-dead, we’ve got ghosts, and we’ve got *shudders* regular people. 

1. Ghost Theater by LICO

Ghost theater by LICO

Following a traumatic accident, the talented (but spoiled) actress Gu Rahee develops ‘Poker face syndrome’, meaning she’s completely unable to make facial expressions. It seems her acting career might be over, until she stumbles into the Ghost Theater. There, a Grim Reaper is helping ghosts with lingering attachments move on by letting them express their feelings through plays. 

This is a really captivating series; Not only are you interested in finding out each ghost’s past, but seeing the connections between their stories and the lessons from famous plays always feels like a revelation. 

2. Muted by Miranda Mundt


We’ve recommended this exceptional series before in our Pride Special, but today it’s here because of feuding witch families, and demons, and curses, and murder. There’s also your emotional abuse and deep childhood trauma, but that stuff’s scary year-round.

In this version of New Orleans, there are witch families and they have their own laws and rules. When Camille Severin performs her coming-of-age ritual on her 21st birthday something goes awfully wrong and it threatens to reveal secrets that go against the most fundamental of the witches’ laws. 

The art is excellent, the story is excellent, this is a must read but do note the dark themes, and treat this as a trigger warning.

3. Third Shift Society by Meredith Moriarty

Third Shift society

One day Ellie was unemployed and in the general pits, and the next she finds out she’s got psychic powers. Now she’s supernatural sleuthing with a boss named Icabod who’s got a pumpkin head. Doesn’t get more Halloween-appropriate than this.  

The author has a fantastic sense of humour, and it’s really easy to get sucked into this story.

4. Boyfriend of the Dead by Ushio

Boyfriend of the dead

London is overrun with zombies! Gourmet-foodie zombie ‘N’ doesn’t want to just eat whomever. It might be the apocalypse, but dammit, the food shouldn’t have to suck! 

Alex is from the USA. She was in London on holidays when the apocalypse happened. So what’s a girl to do? Go looting shopping for clothes of course! A horde of zombies will not stand in her way – she calmly hacks through them all with a golf club. N figures staying on her good side will make it easier to eat her eventually. This is the beginning of their love story. 

BotD is comedy gold. There’s 280+ episodes out already, and they’re all pretty short, so you can binge away without a care in the world. 

5. Witch Creek Road by Garth the Geek & Kenan Halilovic

Witch Creek Road

Think B-movie horror flick kind of scenario with high school kids and cabin, add a good dose of witty humour and you get Witch Creek Road. It’s a survival horror story about love, acceptance, high school life drama, and revenge. It pokes fun at horror-tropes, it has sexy flesh-eating demons, and it’s all-around brilliant.

It’s still ongoing but there’s enough of it out to get you hooked.

6. Tales of the Unusual by Oh Sungdae

Tales of the unusual

This is exactly what it sounds like. An anthology of horror & thriller stories most of which will honestly test your bravery. There’s a ton of episodes out, and you can just read one story at a time (usually they last around 10 episodes each). It’s more horror than spooky but I know there’s a lot of you who enjoy that. Me, I was both compelled to read until the end but also completely covered in goosebumps.

7. Ghost Teller by QTT

Ghost teller

You cannot have a ghost stories and assorted spooky tales without mentioning Ghost Teller‘. Here the ghosts are the ones trying to out-scare each other by sharing their worst human stories. After all, we’re far scarier.

I am still haunted by some of these and yet I’d recommend this in a heartbeat. It’s so well written, the art is stunning, and bonus: it is now completed as well, having wrapped up earlier this year. One of the best webtoons series out there, period.

Happy Halloween reading!

A couple of disclaimers: First of all, this is my own ‘top’ list of Webtoons that fit with Halloween thematically. There are certainly many other excellent series out there, but I like to only recommend series I’ve personally read myself. 

Second of all, some of these depict violence/gore or otherwise mature themes and would be rated 15+ or R (specifically 5,6, and 7). Please note the content warnings on each series before reading, Webtoon is generally really good about displaying these.

Finally, a happy quarantine Halloween to all of you! May your pumpkin pies be delicious and your Jack-o-lanterns spooky. I hope you’ll enjoy these series, and let us know in the comments which are your favourites!

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