Happy New Year! Today’s Webtoon feature is of course ‘7Fates: Chakho‘, the Korean folklore-inspired fantasy webtoon starring BTS. HYPE!

Literally just dropped yesterday, but there’s already so much to be excited about! With only 2 full episodes out, everything is a spoiler, so I’m going to keep the plot description to a minimum. You should enjoy them first hand 🙂

7Fates: Chakho

Our story takes place in the semi-futuristic corrupt city of Sin-si. Every year, on the16th of the first month of the lunar year, the ‘beom‘ come through the seal from the world of shadows and feast on humans. But the seal protecting the world from these tiger-like creatures was broken. The story will follow seven boys bound by fate, who will come together to fight the beom. As you can imagine, each of them is inspired by one of the BTS members.

First we meet Zeha (the character inspired by Jungkook), whose family seems to be connected to the very heart of the situation. Haru (inspired by Jimin), is the spirit protecting Beom Rock. Hopefully we’ll get to meet all the remaining Chakho (tiger hunters) team soon! <3

First Impressions

The first thing that struck me about 7Fates is the insanely gorgeous artwork. Full marks. You can also tell a lot of work went into creating the characters inspired by the BTS members. While they’re not designed to look exactly like them, more like… they evoke their essence? So far, seems on point.

Among the many things to look forward to is of course an original soundtrack album. They’re literally having a giveaway starting today until February 5th, but alas, only in Korea. T_T

It’s not the first time BTS collaborates with Webtoon. Previously we read ‘SAVE ME‘, now completed. If you haven’t already, check out the dedicated YouTube channel HYBE set up for 7Fates: Chakho. There are interviews with each member about the story and teaser trailers.

Personally, I’d have jumped on this bandwagon for the Korean folklore monster-hunting action alone… But this is almost too much for my fangirl heart *squeals*. Can’t wait for more chapters, and let’s face it, I can just kiss my Webtoons coins goodbye now.

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