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[Time Capsule] Big Mama – Break Away

We’re back with a new Time Capsule, this time about the vocal group Big Mama and their hit single ‘Break Away’.

The vocal group consists of Lee Young Hyun, Lee Ji Young, Shin Yeon Ah and Park Min Hye. They debuted in 2003 and hit it right out of the park with their debut single ‘Break Away’. Big Mama went on hiatus in 2012 but came back to release new music in June 2021.

‘Break Away’ is a very soulful ballad and has some insane runs, which is to be expected of a group that focuses so much on fantastic vocals. The dirty saxophone is so, so dope.

Big Mama performed their debut single ‘Break Away’ on Yu Heeyeol’s Sketchbook last week and it is so cool to be able to hear both old and new.

You can find the song on Spotify here

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