Photo Credits: SM Entertainment

RIIZE hits the music charts with ‘RIIZING’

Fifth generation hit-makers RIIZE are back with new music in their first mini-album ‘RIIZING‘, in April they released a little sneak peak of this mini, and now they have included their entire repertoire since their debut.

Including hits like ‘Siren’, ‘Talk Sexy’ and ‘Impossible’, this release feels like the closure of the debut era that made this group not only very popular but also iconic.

The title song ‘Boom Boom Bass‘ plays off to show off a groovier side of their music with great instrumental and fantastic vocal layering. As usual this song also includes a heavily catchy hook that will have fans jamming and dancing at it with the great rhythm in this single. This song only gets better with RIIZE showing off their incredible performance skills and stunning visual in one fantastic visual production. Make sure to watch it below:

Enjoy trendy music and RIIZE’s incredible talent by listening to this release here.

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