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[Review] YUNHWAY – Mango

R&B singer and rapper YUHNWAY is back with her new EP ‘Mango‘. Not long ago she released the single ‘Goodbye Boy’, and we are eager to check out the music she is bringing up with this EP. Let’s check out the music.


Because It’s You‘ begins this journey with a very groovy guitar instrumentation that just gets better with the drums. This track is just TOO GOOD. I loved its tempo, flow and singing, it has a lovely mix of instrumentation with bass and synth.

This song is the title track of this release and I seriously need the live band performance for it. Listen to this track below.

Lo-fi beats begin the pre-released track ‘Goodbye Boy‘, this track has a layering that had me jamming to it from the very beginning. ‘Dance With U‘ follows, with more of dance music and a very cool EDM arrangement. The full concept of this track is just fantastic.

Spit‘ comes in with an acoustic arrangement with just a guitar and drums, I am in love with the rawness of this track and its indie feel. We continue with the acoustic concept with the last track ‘Love Off‘, this song is all about vocals and feels, the perfect way to end this EP.

YUNHWAY went indie with this release, and I completely loved what she did. Her music with this release was a lot more R&B/rock inspired and she pulled off some very well done tracks.

You can listen to this EP here.

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