Photo Credits: Konnect Entertainment

[Review] Yuju – [REC.]

After signing with Konnect Entertainment last year, YUJU is finally back with her first solo release. We all know her incredible talent from her numerous OSTs, and we are looking forward for the new works of all the former members of the loved and missed group GFriend.

The concept pictures for this release were absolutely beautiful, now its time to check the music. Let’s dive in.


A guitar riff opens up the intro track ‘Bad Blood‘, this single puts a lot on emphasis in Yuju’s vocals and creates a super awesome blend. Transitioning smoothly the title track ‘Play‘ begins and I am in awe of the musical arrangement in this single. The addition of Korean traditional instrument gayageum made this single super interesting and unique. The vocals as expected are unmatched, and the full musical contrast in this single is beautiful.

From the concept pics we already knew that we were set to get beautiful visuals, but the music video for the title track takes it to the next level with the camera work and stunning sets. This MV is delicate, nostalgic and absolutely breathtaking. Watch it below.

Featuring Mad Clown, ‘Cold Winter‘ follows up with a lovely acoustic piano melody and a rather emotional flow. The rapping added a special touch to this single and it really felt like a throwback to the early 2000s. This single is really good and a must listen for a nostalgic rainy day.

The Killa‘ takes over with a Latin sound influence and a sexy flow. The vocals in this single are splendid, Yuju’s singing really takes off and delivers a variety of tonal plays.

Closing this debut EP we get ‘Blue Nostalgia‘, as the name suggests this single is here to touch your feelings with a minimalistic but splendid sound and emotional lyrical delivery. This ballad is a beautiful listen and also the perfect closure for this release.

Yuju’s solo debut ‘[REC.]’ was a wonderful listen, each song is unique and made this EP very diverse. Make sure to listen to this mini-album here.

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