Photo Credits: IST Entertainment

VICTON kicks off their time trilogy with ‘Chronograph’

After a year hiatus, the boys from VICTON are finally back with new music and a brand new concept. This time everything is about time travelling, and this era is starting off with their single album ‘Chronograph‘, including the title track with the same name, its English version, and the single ‘Want Me’.

Starting off with a very trendy and catchy guitar riff ‘Chronograph‘ begins this single album. This song is an absolute bop, the singing and rapping is fantastic. The harmonizations are perfection and the high tones absolutely killing. This track was very well balanced and the composition and arrangement are really good.

In the music video we get all the members being the stunning visuals they are. The camera work and sets are eye catching, and the special effects really deliver the concept and story line of this new era. Big props to the styling team, the outfits and make-up are stunning. Watch it below.

Want Me‘ brings along R&B vibes and an interesting layering. The vocal dynamics in this song are awesome and the transitions super good, the ad-libs added a dramatic effect to the track and I absolutely loved it. This single is without a doubt a very interesting addition to VICTON’s discography.

Last is the English version of ‘Chronograph’, putting an end to what feels like a start of an amazing era packed with awesome music and talent for VICTON. Listen to this release here.

Kathleen Herrera
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