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[Review] Youngjae – SUGAR

Youngjae is back with the brand new mini-album ‘SUGAR‘. Just last year he started his solo career with ‘COLORS from Ars‘, and last month he came back along with GOT7. He has without a doubt been extra busy, but we love and appreciate his solo work and GOT7’s too.

I am extra excited for this release, his debut mini-album was one of my favourites from 2021. Let’s dive in to check what he has prepared this time.


Groovy tunes start off this release in the title track ‘SUGAR’. Youngjae’s vocals for this song are amazing and his rapping section beyond cool. This single is fun, dynamic and never stops making listeners wanting to jam to it. I loved how season appropriate this song is, in a nutshell it is a strong starting point for this release.

The music video is super pretty, the colour palettes used and contrast are stunning. This mv looks expensive and Youngjae looks amazing. Massive shout out for the food decor, everything looks yummy and it is AESTHETICS.

With a more R&B/pop tempo ‘Focus’ starts. As its predecessor this song is bright, cool and a vibey listen. The low notes for the pre chorus was definitely my favourite part, Youngjae’s vocal range never stops amazing me. 

Next up

With a dreamy feel and stunning orchestration ‘Crema’ starts off. If you are in for smooth music, immaculate vibes and glorious signing this song is for you. I am in love with the violin instrumentation, and full musical arrangement in this song. The little falsetto for the chorus really hits hard and takes this song to the next level.

Next up is ‘Nothing’ with a more chill tempo, this single is rather low paced in comparison to the previous ones. I absolutely loved the back vocals! This song is emotional and the outro just hits different.

Last we get ‘With You’, a ballad that will give you the feels. Youngjae’s emotional singing goes straight to the heart, he is a total vocal king. I just wish to see this song being performed with a full orchestra, it would guarantee tears for sure. The change of tempo hits different and the high notes are just flawless. This song is a solid end for this release. 

As expected ‘SUGAR’ by Youngjae was a released packed with awesome music in different genres. Make sure to listen to this release here.

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