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[Review] TWICE – Taste of Love

The girls from TWICE are back with the summer EP ‘Taste of Love’. Let’s dive right in!

Taste of Love

We start off with the title track ‘Alcohol-Free’. The track and music video was released two days ago. We wrote about that here

The next track is ‘First Time’. Leader Jihyo wrote the lyrics. This song is such a bop. We get outstanding vocals and falsettos. The harmonies are *chef’s kiss*. I love Jihyo’s lines. Also the chanting in the bridge is just really dope.

After that we get ‘Scandal’ which was written by Dahyun. We’re going groovy. That bassline is giving me life and I’m absolutely in love with this. The whispering gave me chills! It is rather short however, clocking it under three minutes. 

‘Conversation’ was written by Sana. We’re geting even more insane bass lines. The song is sexy! The little moment when the instrumentation completely cuts out with the line ‘Tell me did you dream about me’ was super smooth. This track is again on the shorter side being just under two and a half minutes.

Nayeon wrote the next track ‘Baby Blue Love’. This dance pop song will have you groove to it in no time. It’s a vibe! This whole song is a 10/10. It is a literal shot of serotonin. I dig it a lot.

The last track on the online release is ‘SOS’, written by Dahyun. This synth heavy song gives me city pop vibes. It’s fun!

On the physical copies the English version of ‘Cry for me’ is also included.

Overall ‘Taste of Love’ by TWICE is a really solid EP with fantastic songs. I do wish that the B-sides were a bit longer as they all felt quite short. 

Go ahead and find the EP ‘Taste of Love’ on Spotify here.

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