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[Review] Seulgi – 28 Reasons

Seulgi from Red Velvet released her first solo mini-album ’28 Reasons’. We are super stoked for this release! The teasers looked absolutely insane. Let’s dive right in.

28 Reasons

We start off with the title track ‘28 Reasons’. This is a dance pop track that has a nice, ominous whistle sound in the backing track. I was a bit confused about the instrumentation at first listen because it seemed so thin at times, but after a second listen it made sense. There’s definitely a nice build up towards the bridge.

Seulgi really created an amazing, ominous ambience.

Next up is ‘Dead Man Runnin”. Seulgi wrote the lyrics herself. I’m obsessed with the tonality in the chorus. This track is a warning to everyone who has hurt her. The R&B vibe fits her vocals so well. Also that chorus just begs for you to shout along to.

Next up

‘Bad Boy, Sad Girl’ featuring rapper BE’O follows next. This smooth R&B track has a very cutesy vibe even though the lyrics aren’t the happiest. I really enjoyed this combination though, it was very unexpected but it’s a vibe.

Next up is ‘Anywhere but home’. We’re going a bit retro with the bass in this one. I like the dreamy quality to Seulgi’s vocals in this one. It’s such a lovely track.

‘Los Angeles’ is an EDM pop track. We’re going clubbing with seductive, restrained vocals and that absolute banger of a techno drop.

The closing track is ‘Crown’. The opening to the single is creepy and haunting. I loved the beat and the mixing. This is so well done! The way it builds up to the chorus is awesome.

Go ahead and listen to ’28 Reasons’ by Seulgi on Spotify here.

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