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[Review] MIRAE – KILLA

DSP Media’s newest boy group MIRAE, debuted today with the mini-album ‘KILLA‘.

Consisting of the members Lee Junhyuk, Lien, Yoo Douhyun, Khael, Son Dongpyo, Park Siyoung and Jang Yubin; MIRAE started off their music journey with a futuristic concept and a lot of energy.

Let’s dive into their mini-album.


Drums and electronic beats begin this release in ‘We Are Future‘, as intro this track leaves a very strong impression with its powerful sound, rapping and harmonizations.

KILLA‘ is the title track of this mini-album. This song has a very fun mix of electro house music and synth, the vocals of the members are amazing in this song and their high notes are really impressive.

For the music video the went for a futuristic concept that I found very cool, the CGI was spot on and made the MV very interesting. The music video version of the track with the little musical break in the bridge was really good, I wish they had added this version in the mini-album too.

House music goes off in ‘Higher‘ and this song is electronic music festival material. It goes hard and for sure will have people jumping and jamming to it.

The rap-line goes off in ‘SWAGGER‘, this song develops with a lot of synth and EDM that mixes flawlessly with the members’ lyrical delivery. ‘Sweet Dreams‘ is next with a more urban sound that makes it kinda groovy. This song is a nice and chill addition that listeners needed after all the power of the previous ones.

Last on this release is ‘1 Thing‘, with a more playful sound. I found this track very enjoyable and light hearted, and it balanced out the power of this release.

Without a doubt MIRAE is going for a more futuristic sound that I found very unique, they balanced out the intensity of this mini-album with the last two tracks, it was a very interesting mix.

I am curious to see what kind of music they will be experimenting with in future release. In the meanwhile, you can listen to their debut mini-album here.

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