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[Review] Kim Jeong_uk – l o v e

Rapper and singer Kim Jeong_uk released his second mini-album ‘l o v e‘. In this release he includes five new track with a flawlessly chill style. Let’s dive in!

l o v e

Lo-fi tunes take over in the first track ‘ending‘, the piano riff in this song is flawless and makes it such a smooth and calming listen.

away from home‘ is next with some tunes that feel rather melancholic but comforting. This song feels like a tight hug, it’s emotional on its delivery, but I totally dig the vibe. Definitely one of a kind.

With a brighter beat ‘lean on me‘ starts, Kim Jeong_uk’s rapping in this track was super cool and laid back, the mix with the guitar made the lyrical delivery feel effortless and soft.

Enhanced vocals and a lovely acoustic guitar begin ‘write a letter‘, this mix takes over the song along with soft electronic beats, and makes a very chill listen. It’s perfect to listen to on a rainy day. Smooth!

Last on this release is ‘squabble‘, with a relaxing feel that makes it the perfect end for a very much wholesome and very calming EP.


Kim Jeong_uk’s work in ‘l o v e‘ shows that the imperfections of lo-fi music is what makes them the perfect and wholesome listen. The tracks in this EP flow effortlessly and create this small bubble that becomes an experience for its listeners.

If you are looking for an easy and kinda wholesome listen, make sure to listen to this EP in this link. If you want to check out his previous release, you can find that here.

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