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[Review] KARD – Re:

After a little break that felt like forever our favourite co-ed group KARD is back together. They came back with their fifth mini-album ‘Re:’, and by the sneak peaks we are expecting amazing music and their usual stunning and powerful aesthetics.

All the members took part in the writing of the lyrics for this release, and in its MELON description is is that that this album in “(…) the beginning and start with a new heart”. Let’s dive right in and check the music.


The opening for this EP is ‘Break Down’ with a smooth and sexy beginning. Somin and Jiwoo’s vocals are seductive and the flow of this song is insanely good. J.seph is back and his rap is as good as ever, total king. BM’s slow rapping had me absolutely shook. This song is just super good and it brings out a KARD I have never heard before! Just amazing.

Ring the alarm’ is the title track for this release and it brings a more tropical rhythm. I really missed KARD and its summer bops. This single is a total vibe, refreshing, cool and effortlessly good. I just want to be by the pool when listening to it and get ready to “Move your body, and don’t think about it”.

The music video is absolutely stunning, Jiwoo and Somin’s sets are gorgeous, their make-up and styling is just *chef’s kiss*. Somin’s pupil turning into hearts was such a pretty and unexpected visual, and the “it’s hot outside” concept with the lights and full scenery make them all incredible. Watch it below.

Next up

Good Love’ comes up with a more pop/R&B track and a dope composition. Jiwoo’s vocals were IT in this song. BM’s rhythmic rapping was amazing, and this entire track is such a fun listen and it just feel like a summery bop to chill to.

With a jazzy sax riff we get ‘Whip!’. BM’s singing and harmonisations had me shocked. J.seph’s rapping as usual was killer but it really stood out for me in this song. This song has a retro touch and a very unique feel that I thoroughly loved.

Last on this EP are the instrumental versions of ‘Break Down’ and ‘Ring The Alarm’.

KARD is back and as usual their music delivered and went beyond expectations. Make sure to listen to this release here.

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