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[Review] KANGTA – Eyes on You

KANGTA is back with his fourth full-length album ‘Eyes on You’. Let’s dive right in to discover which new sounds he came out with.

Eyes on You

We’re going smooth and sexy R&B for the title track ‘Eyes on You’. Kangta’s vocals, as always are pretty darn good and I loved the combination of the tense drums and the touch of strings.

Next up is ‘skip’ featuring NCT’s Taeyoung. This is such a great combination. Taeyoung’s verse is super cool and their timbres work great together. ‘Skip’ is a groovy R&B pop track.

Paloalto is a feature on the track ‘Love Song’. This is a dance track with some really fun synths in the back. The line-up is another great pairing. It’s a vibe!

‘Bucket List’ featuring the R&B group Heritage comes next. This soft track has fantastic harmonies and a is a lovely listen. The vocals are honestly super nice.

Next up

We’re going acoustic pop with ‘The One’. I adore how soft this song is. It begs for a live moment in a small bar. That’d be such a lovely experience.

‘Persona 2022’ comes up next. This is a remake of the track ‘Persona’ that came out on his album in 2005.

Freezing’ is an R&B track with a fun old timey piano intro. The sound feels very elegant and rich. I dig this one a lot.

Next up is ‘Christmas in July’. The ambience of this one is very warm and brings us a bit of the Christmas feels in September. I love the higher notes in the chorus. It has such a nice build-up.

‘Maybe’ is an R&B pop track with a very cool bass sound and some lovely vocal riffs. I like the pace of this one a lot.

The closing track of the album is ‘Slow Dance’. This is a soft pop track with a really nice guitar sound.

Overall ‘Eyes on You’ is another great album by KANGTA. It has a very cohesive sound and great features.

Go listen to it on Spotify here.

Ilse Van Den Heede
A writer with a slight coffee addiction and a tendency to find K-Indie gems in the YouTube rabbit hole.