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[Review] I.M – DUALITY

I.M, one of the rappers of MONSTA X released his first mini-album ‘DUALITY’. He was responsible for all of the lyrics and has co-composing and co-arranging credits on all of the tracks. I’ve rather high expectations for this release, so let’s dive right in!


We start with the title track ‘God Damn’. The song is a sexy hip hop trap fusion with heavy bass that you can feel in your gut. It’s an easy listen and the music video is drenched in neon. You can read the lyrics on Genius here.

‘Howlin’’ follows that up with a more laidback sound. There’s some autotune, but it’s used in moderation so I don’t mind it. 

Next up is ‘Burn’. You can find the lyrics here. It’s all about an internal fight with your own emotions. I wish there was a bit more going on musically in this one if I’m honest.

‘Happy to die’ comes after that and it goes hard. The lyrics are rather sad, it seems like he’s been dealing with quite a bit, considering the entire EP. I wish there had been some electric guitar in this track to deepen the sound a bit. 

The last track is ‘Flower-ed’. This almost feels like a ballad hip-hop track. Here’s the link for the lyrics. This is the type of song that begs for a midnight drive in the rain to get you in all of your feels. 

Go ahead and check out ‘DUALITY’ by I.M on Spotify here. If you want to check out our review for MONSTA X’s latest comeback, you can click here.

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