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[Review] HWANG MIN HYUN – Truth or Lie

Hwang Min Hyun, the former NU’EST and Wanna One member released his first mini-album ‘Truth or Lie’ today. Let’s dive in!

Truth or Lie

We start off with the beautiful piano intro of ‘Honest’. This was co-written by John OFA Rhee, so I’m already sold. The R&B ballad really introduces us to his lovely vocals and the composition of the track is absolutely lovely.

Next up is the title track ‘Hidden Side’. It’s a cool pop track with a killer bass and some killer moves. The visuals are absolutely insane and the music video is giving me ‘Now You See Me’ vibes.

‘Crossword’ really throws us to a completely different instrumentals. We’re getting Afro-Cuban-based hand drum percussion and it’s a vibe! The combination with the guitar and Min Hyun’s vocals are lovely and overall, this is a fun track.

After that comes ‘Perfect Type’. We’re going for sexiness in this one. The retro vibe is super cool and I like the chorus a lot! It’s very catchy and I really liked the rap verse and slow talk-singing. Also hello falsetto!

‘Smile’ brings the strings and the more orchestral instrumentals. The little playful brass moment before the chorus is adorable and will instantly put a smile on your face. I’m in love!

The closing track is ‘CUBE’. This is a very cool R&B pop track that has some very sick synths in the instrumentals. I like his vocal color in this one a lot!

Overall, I’m very impressed by ‘Truth or Lie’ by Hwang Min Hyun. This is a great mini that displayed his various strengths and has a lot of great music. Go listen to it here.

Ilse Van Den Heede
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