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[Review] Highlight – The Blowing

Highlight is finally back together after a couple of years of hiatus. The newest mini-album ‘The Blowing‘ is a production that many fans were looking forward to. The members are starting a new era with this release and we are excited to see whats next for this group.

Let’s check out the music.

The Blowing

This mini-album starts off with ‘NOT THE END‘, from the very beginning this track goes off with a soft pop/electronic track that enhances the tones and vocal power of the members. I really liked the pace of this track, it was a very interesting choice as title track but it definitely stands out.

The music video was created to be aesthetically pleasing, with a beautiful color palette and stunning shots. Watch it below.

Piano instrumentation takes over in ‘WAVE‘, and this song has an overload of beautiful vocals with a lot of emotion, so, get your tissues ready.

With a very funky guitar riff ‘Hey yeah‘ plays next. The whistling for the different sections of this song was a cool touch, and overall this track will have you jamming to it, with its arrangement and harmonizations.

We go onto lo-fi beats with ‘Sorry‘, if you are up for a chill listen with dreamy vocals, this is the track for you! The vocals are amazing and the full feel in this track is just super smooth.

Disconnected‘ comes next with bass, synth and a killing R&B vibe. The members’ voices in this track are super airy in an almost seductive way, and it fits this song to perfection.

Closing this comeback mini-album we get ‘Surf‘, the piano instrumentation and the addition of the sound of the ocean waves were a LOVELY addition to this song. ‘Surf’ ends this release with a jazzy feel that I absolutely loved, it is the perfect closure for this release.

Highlight came back and delivered great music for fans. Make sure to listen to this release here.

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