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[Review] GEMINI – Inside Out

GEMINI dropped his first EP ‘Inside Out‘, just last week he released the single ‘MIA‘ and we were looking forward to listen to this extended play and the surprises this R&B artist is bringing for the fans.

Inside Out‘ has a very impressive list of features and we are expecting nothing but smooth music. Let’s dive in.

Inside Out

Inside Out‘ kicks off this EP with a lovely musical arrangement and great vocalization. This track feels a bit too short but leaves a strong impression and definitely sets the mood for the rest of this release.

We go onto the title track ‘UFO‘ featuring none other than Seori’s heavenly vocals, with an electric guitar intro and killer rhymes, this track leans onto a more chill R&B side and I really liked the smoothness of GEMINI’s and Seori’s harmonizations. The music video for this single shows off their stunning visuals and it includes some very cool shoots, I liked the camera work and how the set almost resembles a contemporary art museum. Watch it below.

We move onto ‘Light It Up‘ featuring Kid Milli. The mix of beats and tempo in this song is super cool and go amazingly with vocals and rapping. Next up is ‘Naked‘ featuring Leellamarz. This track is super groovy and fun, the bass riff is fantastic and had me jamming to this song from the very start.

pH-1 is featured in ‘Making Love‘. This song is a lot softer that its predecessor and GEMINI’s vocals are sexy in this track, Harry’s rapping is TOP in this track and it reminded me to his first releases. The backing vocals and effects in this track are something else and just make the track even more sensual.

Produced by Woogie, ‘Slo-mo‘ takes over with a ballad feel that heart-warming singing. The instrumentation is this song is amazing and really gets you into the soft mood of the track.

Last on this EP, is the pre-released track ‘MIA‘ featuring CAMO and WOODZ. Check our review for this single here.

GEMINI’s first EP was packed with incredible singles and top music. Make sure to listen to this release here.

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