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[Review] Dreamcatcher – [Summer Holiday]

The girls from Dreamcatcher are back to give us some absolute bangers with ‘[Summer Holiday]’. This is the first release after they completed their ‘Dystopia‘ plot line, so we’re super curious to see what they have in store for us. Let’s dive in!

[Summer Holiday]

We start off with ‘Intro’. We hear footsteps that are opening the door to the album. The words ‘I like you’ are repeated and set the tone for the title track.

‘BEcause’ tells the story of an obsessive love that doesn’t know any boundaries. We’re getting a very pizzicato beat and some fantastic vocals. This feels very much like the Dreamcatcher sound with the electric guitars that are shredding in the back. That together with the ‘haunted dollhouse’ vibe, creates a stellar title track. That laugh at the end is creepy as hell, and I’m here for it.

Next up is ‘Airplane’. A rather surprising summer bop, but I love the addition of the guitar and the rather funky 80s synth. It’s catchy, it’s happy and I love it!

‘Whistle’ follows that with a more EDM summer pop sound. The whistle is really cute. Honestly, I could hear this on the radio, I sincerly hope it gets some airplay. The bridge displays some beautiful vocals before sliding right back into the whistle. It’s a funky transition.

Member Ji-U has writing credits on the next track, ‘Alldaylong’. This city pop track has some groovy bass and some happy brass added to it. Their vocals fit this style so well!

We close off the mini-album with the ballad ‘A Heart of Sunflower’. This is giving me some major 90s ballad vibes. The guitar shredding was awesome. The song is just super soft.

Overall ‘[Summer Holiday]’ by Dreamcatcher is a great mini-album that gives us a plethora of genres and different sounds. It’s a really great listen! Leez and Ollounder wrote and composed all the tracks as they have done with almost all releases. The two of them and Dreamcatcher work together so well!

You can check out the mini-album on Spotify here.

Ilse Van Den Heede
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